Various Materials For Your Choice
Steel Brush Non-Woven Flap Brush
Varnishing and cleaning for woodworking.
Cleaning, removing rust and finishing
for metal, non-metal.
25" (635mm),
37" (940mm),
54" (1370mm)
Various sizes for your needs.
Please confirm the hole size when place order.
Surface scrubbing before coating.
Cleaning for PC boards.
Removing rust and finishing for metal and steel tube.
After sanding there will be lines on the white iron, aluminum, brass panels and PC boards that look like striation.


Abrasive Nylon Brush
Trim the edges and angles of boards.
Polish the surface of casting products.
Polish any deep holes after processing.
Surface scrubbing before electro-plating and coating.
Scrub the car body before coating.
Scrub and clean surfaces after heat-treatment and acid pickling.
For carpentry products
Surface polish for furniture.
Polish any irregular or curved surfaces.
Surface polish before coating.
Processing to enhance the wood grain and visually age.
The flexible filaments bend at all angles. This provides a good and uniform brushing action on irregular surfaces, curved surfaces and all types of corners.
It has outstanding chemical resistance. Works well with acid, alkali and a wide range of solvents as well as chemical solutions.
It is aggressive, tough and long-lasting.
Unlike sanders which work only on flat surface, the brushes can be used anywhere to help reduce wastage and keep the working environment clean.
Unlike metal wire brushes, its filament is not as brittle and they will not scrape working surfaces.
Available in a variety of grits. For different surfaces, its roughness ranges
from grit #120, #180, #240, #320.
Fabric Wheel
Linen Wheel : Widely used for surface preparation of all metal; zinc alloy and stainless steel.
Cloth Wheel : Applicable for precision surface polishing of metal and non-metal, such as stainless steel, Copper, aluminum, plastic, shoes.
Applicable for grin ding and polishing of all metal; copper, alloy and stainless steel. With advantages Of strong cutting, quick glossing and material savings.
Enable the products to have decorative appearance and Required shining effects.
Sanding Brush
Usage :
Excellent for surface, concave, convex and all profiles of wooden parts, metal, Non-metal...etc.
Feature :
The sanding cloth is in slit shape, soft touching to easily match the irregular surface.
It has the effects of sanding and cleaning.
A. Sanding Strip x 15pcs + Wooden Brush x 15pcs
B. Sanding Strip x 15pcs + Abrasive Nylon Brush x 15pcs
C. Sanding strip + Wooden Brush x 30 pcs
D. Only Sanding Paper.
It is very simple & easy to replace the abraded sanding paper on the strip,
just follow up procedures in below then you may DIY for it.
1st step : prepare a piece of abrasive sanding paper, cut the length of sanding paper you need and cut the teeth blade size you need on the abrasive sanding paper which you have cut it down.
2nd step : prepare one roller of double sides adhesive sticker, to stick the adhesive sticker on the back side of abrasive sanding paper which you have cut off at the 1st step.
3rd step : to tear off the abraded sanding paper from the abrasive sanding brush strip, take the adhesive sticker which you have prepared at the 2nd step to stick it on the strip at properly position.
4th step : using tools such as straight scale flat side to press the sticker to ensure the adhesive sticker is completely stuck on the strip.
Salida company supplies not only abrasive sanding brush strips but also supplies abrasive sanding paper with adhesive sticker on back side at very reasonable price.