HOMESanding MachineMolding Sander Machine
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Product Features
  • Roller conveyor 1,840mm long rubber rollers, working height 852mm. Conveyor speed which are variable adjustment by adjusted knob.
  • Two sets of top brushing heads with variable speed adjustment by inverter.
  • Right side brush head which can make an angle and move forward and backward.
  • Left side brush head which can make a cross movement by handle wheel.
  • Working height adjust by hand wheel.
  • The main frame is fabricated of heavy steel plate and ribbed to minimize vibration and deflection.
  • Brushing head combined cleaning brush units and abrasive cloth units. It has been designed for replacement conveniently.
  • It can be used to sand architrave and molding for 3 sides.
Product Specifications
Model/Item No : SL-300-5S
Max. working width : 12" (300mm)
Max. working height : 4" (100mm)
Min. work-pieces length : 33" (840mm)
Min. work-pieces thickness : 3/8" (9.5mm)
Feed speed (Variable) : 9-26 FPM (2.8-8.2 M/min)
Speed of sanding wheel : 400-1200RPM
Top brush head motor : 2 x 3/4 HP (0.55KW)
Right brush head motor : 1x1/2 HP(0.37KW)
Left brush head motor : 1x1/2 HP(0.37KW)
Conveyor motor : 1/4 HP(0.18KW)
Moving brush head motor : 1/3 HP(0.25KW)
Machine Dimension ( D x W x H ) : 184cm x 123cm x 155cm
Packing Dimension ( D x W x H ) : 205cm x 101cm x 163cm
Net weight : 340 KGS
Gross weight : 470 KGS