SL-RB Rotation Brush Machine


★The doors that  profile depth more than 18mm, this machine is best choice
★The rotational sanding head with a large sanding area ensures a consistent sanding in all work piece areas !
★a perfect vacuum system guarantees that even small work pieces can be  feed surely
★Large abrasives quantities make low movement speeds possible, at better effectiveness.
★It’s very easy and convenient to replace the brush wear strip
★This machines install " Double Side Sanding strip" , can sanding raw sanding and sealer sanding on the same time and don't need to change the Sanding paper . so that will fit customer requirement

Model: SL-1100RB SL-1350RB
Max.Working Width 1100mm 1350mm
Min.Work-pieces for Vacuum 10mm*160mm 100mm*160mm
Min. Work-pieces Thickness 5mm 5mm
Track type Head 3HP 3HP
Carousel Motor 3HP 3HP
Conveyor Motor 5HP 5HP
Vacuum Motor 15HP+15HP 15HP+15HP
Speed of Track type Head 100~250RPM 100~2501RPM
Carousel rotary RPM 2~10 2~10
Variable Feeding Speed 2~12M/min 2~12M/min


The model number is : SL-RB 
It has the working width between 1100 mm and 1400 mm.

We, SALIDA INDUSTRY CO., LTD, have very rich experience in woodworking furniture sanding. Especially in irregular surface furniture sanding filed.
Our sanding machine are available for many different sanding demands, such as flat surface sanding, irregular curve surface sanding, moulding profile sanding and 3D carved sanding, grooves sanding, wood grain sanding etc.
Moerover, we also provide metal working machine for deburring.