HOMERotation Brush Sander
R4 - Rotation Brush Sander


The aluminum hubs of the sanding heads on this machine accept many different brands of abrasive brush sanding strips to slot in. Brands such as Pro-flex in Denmark, SCOTT+SAGEANT in UK, PICARD in Gremany, FLEX TRIM in Denmark or Smart-Flex in Germany...

It's very easy and convenient to replace the abraded wear strips on the hub. SL-R4 Planetary sanding with oscillation sanding by rotary carousel provide perfect and efficient sanding of workpieces.

The ability to touch every detail of the surface without missing anywhere solves any surface sanding challenges...
1. R4 system supplied not only the facility quick-release function for the user can quick change the abraded sanding strips,but also quickly release the wear off sanding head to replace new head to the machine.
2. Planetay sanding with oscillation sanding function by rotary carousel supplied a perfective efficient sanding for working-pieces,able to tuch every where of work-piece surface without missing any inches, meantime to slove any sanding grain on the work-piece surface.
3. It can be used to sand cabinet doors,drawer fronts,frames,doors,shutters and other irregular surface or three-dimensional parts in one process.
4. If you always have problem for a very thin sanding grain on the surface of wood piece,then you have to use this R4 brush sanding system to slove this headache.
5. Firm and suitable vacuum (optional) to hold small workpieces properly.
R8 - Rotation Brush Sander

The machine is designed and equipped
with our latest "Rotation Change".
This allows the operator to replace one sanding tool to the other for minutes.
The feature provide a highly efficient when abrasive sanding strips are required
replacing quickly on a short notice.