SL-300-5S Five head linear brush sander

SL-300-5S(3SIDES) Molding Brush Sander

This ideal for sanding and denibbing all profiles including - architrave, skirting and flooring products for medium to large scale production.

Five head linear brush sander for sanding on three sides

1.Roller conveyor 1,840mm long with rubber rollers, working height 852mm.

2.The feed speed is variable speed ,adjust by knob.

3. adjust the thickness of work piece by hold down rollers to up or down .

4.The all sanding heads speed adjust by inverter.

5. The two top head adjust up and down and downward tilt together.

6.Right head can adjust forward and backward.

7.Left head can adjust upward ,downward, forward and backward also can be tilt forward.

8.Angle head can adjust upward ,downward, forward and backward also can be tilt forward.

9.The main frame is fabricated of heavy steel plate and ribbed to minimize vibration and deflection.

10.All operating controls are centralized in a convenient control panel. Large clearly identified and color coded push buttons simplify set up and start up.

11.Brushing head with sanding strips and wooden brush. It has been designed for easy replacement.

12. The excellent sanding effect and It can be used to sand architrave and molding for 3 sides . Increase production capacity and reduce cost


機型/項目型號 : SL-300-5S
最大加工寬度 : 12” (300mm)
最大加工厚度 : 4” (100mm)
最小工作物長度 : (单支工作物进料) 33” (840mm)
最小工作物厚度 : 3/8” (9.5mm)
輸送速度 6 ~ 18 米/分鐘
砂光輪速度 : 200-1200 RPM
上砂光頭馬達: 2 x 3/4 HP(0.55KW)
右側砂光頭馬達 : 1x1/2 HP(0.37KW)
左側砂光頭馬達 : 1x1/2 HP(0.37KW)
輸送馬達: 1/4 HP(0.18KW)
角度砂光頭馬達: 1/2 HP(0.37KW)
機器尺寸 (深度x寬度x高度) : 184cm × 123cm × 155cm
包裝尺寸 (深度x寬度x高度) : 205cm ×101cm × 163cm
淨重 : 340 KGS
毛重 : 470 KGS

We, SALIDA INDUSTRY CO., LTD, have very rich experience in woodworking furniture sanding. Especially in irregular surface furniture sanding filed. Our sanding machine are available for many different sanding demands, such as flat surface sanding, irregular curve surface sanding, moulding profile sanding and 3D carved sanding, grooves sanding, wood grain sanding etc.